January 28, 2008

Sri Rangarajasthavam: 31 to 35

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31. maNimakararusii: vithathya paasaanN viSrumarakEthu       karai: mrukam HimaamsO;    sriya iva nava kELayE jikrushu:      Sugayathi rangapurii sagaaSathii na: 

Meaning – On the rooftops of all the buildings at Srirangam. Flags in the shape of fish are tied. The flagpoles on which they are tied resemble human hands. They appear as if a woman named Srirangam has laid a net. What for – to capture the “deer” seen in the moon. The woman wants to capture that deer and give it to Sriranganachiyar for Her pastime. Let that Srirangam which makes Sriranganachiyar happy, make us also happier. 

 32. janNapatha Sarith anthariipa pushyath         pura paripaalanNa nithya jaakaruukaanN   praHaraNa parivaara vaaHanNa AtyaanN         kumuthamugaanN kaNanNaayagaanN namaami 

Meaning – Srirangam, which lays at the center of Cauvery is only for those who enjoy the divine company of Lord Sriranganatha. His guards like Kumudhan are ever busy in protecting this city. They are with apt weapons, soldiers, vehicles etc. I bow to them.

 33. aHrutha SaHaja thaaSyaa: SUraya: SraStha panthaa:   vimala sarama thEHaa ithi amii rangathaama   maHitha manuja thiryak Sththaavarathvaa: Santha:   SunNiyatham ithiHa Sma praaHu: Epya: nama: Sthaath 

Meaning – It is said by Pauranikas that the Nithyasuris who are ever possessed with the kainkarya wealth, the muktha jivas who are liberated from the samsaric life, the mumukshus who have a guarantee that they do not have further birth – all of them have taken birth at Srirangam in the form of human beings, cows etc. Let me worship them.

 34. sriranga thivya pavanNam puvi kOpuraaNaam      prakaarithEnNa nikarENa karuthmathaa iva    paarsva praSaaritha pathathra putEnNa pakthyaa      naanNaathanNuupi: upakUdam upaknNayaama: 

Meaning – (Now praises Periya koil) – On both the sides of the gopurams, we see beautiful moats. They appear as if, Garuda who never separates Sriranganatha has come chasing Him to Srirangam out of deep affection and has spread his golden wings to protect the temple. Let us catch hold of that temple as support stick (to cross samsara).

 35. praakaara mathyE ajira maNdapa ukthyaa       Sathviipa rathnNaakara rathnNasailaa   SarvamSaHaa rangavimaanNa SEvaam     praapthaa iva thath manthiram AviraSthi 

Meaning – The moats, streets which join the moats and the gopurams appear as if Bhudevi has come here to pay Her honour to Periyaperumal. She has not come alone. She has brought with Her the seven continents, seven oceans and the meru mountain. These appear as moats etc.


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