January 28, 2008

Sri Rangarajasthavam: 26 to 30

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26. yath vishNO: patham athama: parOraja: akryam

           mukthaanNaam anuvirajam vithiipram AHu:

      thath puNyam puLinNam ithanthyaa athya mathyE

           kaavEri SPpurathi thath iikshishiiya nithyam

Meaning – The learned persons say that those who got mukthi reach Paramapada which is on the banks of the Virajaa river, which is beyond the earthly attributes such as rajo-thamas and which is above all places. This pure Paramapada came down to earth and stationed itself in the midst of river Cauveri as a small sand hillock. Let me always see this Srirangam and happily live there.

 27. thrayyantha praHathi mathiishu vaishNavaanNaam       praapyaaSu prasura bava srama abaHaaSu   kaavErii parisarithaaSu baavanNiishu       sriranga ubavanNa thadiishu varthishiiya 

Meaning – (Now starts describing gardens) They have a touch of Vedantha; They remove the sufferings and tiredness of those who are in this samsaric life; They fulfill all our desires; They resemble Paramapada to those who consider Periyaperumal as their refuge and the end to be achieved; They are constantly embraced by the waves and cool winds of Cauveri – Let me live in those beautiful gardens of Periyakoil.

 28. SPpuritha sapara thiiryath naaLikErii kuLussa praSrumara     mathu kulyaa varthitha anNOkaHaanNi   rathim avirathi ranga Araam ramya STHThalaanNi kramuga     banNaSa mOsaa mEsakaanNi kriyaaSu: 

Meaning  – The big fishes which are in Cauveri jump up higher. In doing so, they hit at the bunch of coconuts in the tree. Because of this, those Coconuts break open and the sweet waters of tender-coconut flow everywhere like a river. This river raises the trees in those gardens to a great height. In the garden there are betel nut trees, jack trees, plaintains etc which make the garden appear dark green. This makes the mind happier.

29. athiparamapatham puriim ayOthyaam amruthavruthaam aparaajithaam usanthi    puLinNam upari rangaraajathaanNii pisithathrusaam abi Saa pura: sagaaSthi 

Meaning – (Now describes Srirangam by next 3 slokas) – In Paramapada there is huge city which is surrounded by the river Virajaa, and which is called as Ayodhya or Aparaajitha. Assume that the same huge city came down to earth and stood at the banks of river cauveri – the city which is ruled by Thiruvarangan resembles that city in Paramapada. Thus the city named Ayodhya was made visible to us, who have normal eyes made of flush.

30. pavapatham abi thivyathaama karthum thath            upaya thanthritha Harmya maalikaa iva   bavanNa maNithalai: vijrumpamaaNaa jayathi            tharaam iHa rangaraajathaanNii  Meaning – The tall building in Srirangam serve as a bridge between this world and that world. The top floor of these buildings are studded with very precious stones. It appears that these building are here to make the world resemble lila viputhi. Thus the city which is administered by Sri Rangarajan is high in all aspects.


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