November 18, 2007

Sri Rangarajasthavam: 6 to 10

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6. Rishim jushaamahE Krishna drushnaa tatvam iva uthidam
Sahasra saagaam ya: atraakshiith draavidiim brahma samhithaam.

Meaning – (now praises Sri Namaazwaar)- I wonder if the deep love towards Lord Krishna has taken a human form; and that human form has praised Him through Upanishads containing thousand Tamil verses (Thiruvaimozhi). I prostrate before that Namaazhwaar.

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7. nama: sriranganaayagyai yath bruuvibrama bEthatha:
iisa iisithavya vaishamya nimna unnatham itham jagath.

Meaning – (now praises Sri Ranganaachiyaar) – It is through Her eye-brow movement, this world gets uplifted or pushed down. I prostrate before that Sri Ranganaachiyaar.

Explanation – The ups and downs in this world are caused by Her mere eye-brow movement. How? Whenever She wants somebody to be uplifted, She looks at Namperumal and signals Him by raising Her eye-brows. Namperumal understands this and uplifts the person. She does not even talk to Namperumal owing to shyness which is natural for any woman, but only through such signals.

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8. sri sthana aabaraNam tEjah: srirangEsayam aasraye
chinthaamanim iva uthvaantham uthsangE anantha bOgina:

Meaning – (now praises Periyaperumal) – Here is a luminous Object which decorates the breasts of Sri Ranganaayagi; an Object which appears like a precious stone emitted by Adisesha; which is reclines on Adisesha; which is at Srirangam – I now approach such a luminous Object.

Explanation – It is said that King Cobra emits precious stone. Here Battar wonders if Periyaperumal is that precious stone. Why? The Cobra never separates that stone, similarly Adisesha never separates Periyaperumal; precious stones adorn the breasts of noble women, similarly this stone adorns the breasts of Sri Ranganayagi. It is correct to address Periyaperumal as “Object”? Yes, in a poetic parlance this is perfect.

9. asthi vasthu idam idanthva prasangyaana paraangmugam
sriimathi aayathanE lakshmii pathalaakshaa eka lakshanam

Meaning – We cannot says that this Object is of this nature and with these attributes. The Object has on Its body, the marking of the lotus feet of Godess Mahalakshmi. This is visible through the saffron mix found in the lotus feet of the Goddess, which has left this marking. This Object is reclining at the Srirangam temple.

10. Lakshmi kalpalathaa uththunga sthana sthabaga sanchala:
Srirangaraaja brunga: mE ramathaam maanasa ambujE

Meaning – Sri Ranganayagi is like a karpaga tree. In that tree, her breasts appear like a bunch of flowers. On that bunch of flowers, a bee named Sri Ranganatha rests upon. Let the bee rest on my lotus heart also with affection.


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