November 18, 2007

Sri Rangarajasthavam: 20 to 25

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21. thuktha apthi: janNakO janNanNii aHam iyam sri: Eva puthrii vara:
srirangEsvara: Ethath arHam iHa kim kuryaam ithi iva Agulaa
sansath saamara santhra santhanNa maHaamaaNikyaa mukthaa uthkaraanN
kaavErii laHariikarai: vithathathii paryEthi Saa SEvyathaam

Meaning – Cauvery thought as follows – Thirupaarkadal is my spouse and father os Sriranganayagi. Thus, indirectly Sriranganayagi becomes my daughter. Hence Her spouse Sriranganatha is my son-in-law. How am I going to offer the required gifts, which a mother should offer to her newly wed daughter and her son-in-law? She got confused and after some time she understood what must be done. She brought camphor, sandal trees, highly precious stones, pearls, all in heaps, through her waves which resembled her hands. Thus she performs kainkarya to Sriranganatha, which everyone must imbibe. Hence everyone must take a holy dip in Cauvery.

22. thiirtham sunthathi paathi nanthanNa tharuunN raththyaa angaNaanNi uxathi
SnNaanNiiya arHaNa baanNavaari vaHathi SnNaatha: punNiithE janNaanN
syaamam vEtharaHa: vyanNakthi puLinNE pEnNai: HaSanNthii iva thath
kangaam vishNu pathiithva maathramugaraam HEma Abagaa Hanthu agam

Meaning – The water which is pure is called Thiirtham. Cauvery purifies even such thiirthams. She saves all the plants and plantains at the garden of Periyaperumal through her waters. When Namperumal visits the holy streets of Srirangam, she sprays waters on those streets. She gives pure water for Namperumal’s pooja rites. She removes not only the bodily blemishes, but also the inner blemishes of those who take bath in her. Periyaperumal, who is extolled by all the Vedas – Cauvery makes a comfortable stay for Him on her banks. Ganges is with a pride that she flowed from the lotus-feet of Narayana when He took Thrivikrama avatharam. But Cauvery is very humble in performing kainkarya to Sriranganatha, with the foams appearing like her smile. Let that Cauvery remove all my sins.

23. agaNithakuNa avathyam Sarvam SthiraThraSam abrathikriyam
abi paya: pUrai: Abyaayanthii anu jaagrathii
pravaHathi jagath thaathrii pUthvaa iva rangapathE: thayaa
sisiramathura agaathaa Saa na: punNaathu maruthvruthaa

Meaning – Because of their past deeds certain lives are plants and non-moving substances. They cannot even perform the holy acts which will remove their sins. Without seeing their blemishes, Cauvery nourishes them with her holy water. Just like a mother who takes care of her infant, Cauvery takes care of all these creatures without sleeping for a second. Just like Namperumal’s kindness is filled everywhere, she fills Srirangam. Let that sweet Cauvery bring about cleanliness in us.

24. tharaLa thanu tharangai: mantham AnthOLyamaanNa
Sva thada vidapiraajii manjarii Suptha prungaa
xipathu kanNaka naamnNii nimnNakaa naaLikEra
kramu kaja makaranthai: maamSalaapaa mathamHa:

Meaning – Cauvery gently dashes at the gardens in her banks through her waves, which are making a gentle noise. Due to this, the flowers on those plants and trees dance gently, thus making the bees on them to sleep comfortably. Also Cauvery makes many trees and plants in those gardens to shell out more pollen dusts. Let that Cauvery wash away all my sins.

25. kathaLa vaguLa jambuu puuga maagantha kaNdta
thvayaSa SaraSa niiraam antharaa SaHyakanNyaam
prapala jala pipaaSaa lambamanNaa ambutha Oka
pramagara tharu pruntham vanthyathaam anthariipam

Meaning – Cauvery is flowing upto the neck level of Plaintains and other trees. How this appear? The clouds which travel a long way, drink the nectar like waters of Cauvery and take rest. These trees appear like those clouds. Let this Srirangam which is filled with such trees and appearing like an island, be worshipped by all.


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