November 18, 2007

Sri Rangarajasthavam: 11 to 15

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11. swasthi sristhana kasthuurii magarii muthritha urasa:
srirangaraajaath saratha: satham aasaasmahe thamaam

Meaning – On the breasts of Sri Ranganayagi, a paste made of kasthuri etc is applied. When Periyaperumal embraces Her, this paste gets on to the chest of the Lord. Let that Sri Ranganatha bring all auspicious things in our life for ever.

12. Paathu praNatharakshaayaam vilambam asahan iva
sathaa panchaayuthiim bibrath sa na: sriranganayaka:

Meaning – Sri Ranganatha never wants to loose even a second when it comes to the protection of His devotees. Thus, He always carries the five weapons fearing that He may have to search them in case of emergency to us. Let that Namperumal protect us.

13. Amatham matham mathamathaamatham stutham
Pariniinthitham pavathi ninthitham stutham
Ithi rangaraajam uthajuugushath thrayii
Sthumahe vayam kim ithi tham na chakuma:

Meaning – If we think that Brahman (this term does not indicate four-faced brahma, this indicates the Supreme Lord) cannot be known, then we have understood Brahman. If we think that Brahman can be understood, we are at fault. If we think that Brahman can be praised in full, we are at fault. If we think that Brahman cannot be extolled fully, it is extolled fully. This is the point iterated even by the well-learned Vedas. Such is the plane in which Sri Ranganatha is in. Given this scenario, we people filled with absurdity, attempt to praise Sri Ranganatha. How this is possible? We are unfit for this.

14. Yathi mE sahasra vadana aadi vaibavam
Nijam arpayEth sa kila rangachandramaa:
Atha seshavath mama cha tathvath eva vaa
Stuthi sakthi abaava vibave abi baagithaa

Meaning – Sri Ranganatha may impart His features such as possession of thousand mouths to me. If he bestows on me such a blessing, I will also have the capacity to praise Him like Adisesha or the Lord Himself. After that, I may revoke what I said in the last sloka – Sthumahe vayam kim ithi tham na chakuma – how can we praise Him, we being unlearned.

15. SO anga veda yathivaa na kila ithi Veda:
sandekthi anarkkavidham aathmani ranganaatham
SthaanE thath Esha: kalu thOshamaliimasaabi:
Math vaagbi : aisam athisaayaanam aavrunothi

Meaning – The Vedas wonder, “Whether Sri Ranganatha Himself knows His own fame in totality”. Thus the Vedas even doubt on the knowledge of the knowledge filled Lord. This doubt is valid. Why? Other wise how this Sri Ranganatha is listening to my absurd poems, hiding His Sarveswara trait?


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